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These manuals have been heavily edited my me.  They are what I would consider restored manuals.  They are probably the highest quality Altair manuals out there.  I'm sure there is a "bug" or two in them, so please e-mail me and bring any to my attention!  : )  In each one of them the white space has been deleted, they have been converted to gray scale, the pages have been straightened (.1-.3 degrees rotation on average), text blocks have been placed within original margins, and page numbers have been placed in the exact same spot on each page.  All manuals were scanned at either 300dpi or 600dpi.  These are the actual files I used to print the manual for the kits.

When printing them, choose the option in Acrobat for not resizing to fit to printer margins.  These pages are all 11x8.5, if you fit them to printer margins they will print too small.  There are margins IN the PDF to account for printable area.

All of these manuals are text searchable.  You can use the "find" feature to search for text even though they are graphic scans of the vintage manuals!

The order of the manuals below is the order in the "Altair 680 Kit" binder.
Altair 680 replica kit Binder:

My Color Construction Guide - N/A
Assembly Manual - 96.6MB
Theory of Operation Manual - 32.0MB
System Schematics - 10.1MB
System Monitor Manual - 48.1MB
VTL-2 Manual - 109KB

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The completed Altair 680 replica kit computer.

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