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The completed Altair 8800 Kit

Motherboard, Front Panel kits shown without resistors

ICs used in the Altair 680 - No Part substitutions on any of the kits!  All ICs follow MITS's BOM

PCBs assembled

PCBs assembled, shown without riser edge card slot not installed

Inside view (optional accessory plugs not wired to anything)

View of back and accessory plugs.  2xDB9/HD15 style cutouts, 2xDB25 cutouts, 5 1/4" holes (grouped in 2 and 3) and a PS/2 connector (to right of yellow RCA)

The two 1/8" audio plugs are intended for the (future) optional KCACR cassette tape interface board.
The Red/White/Yellow RCA jacks are intended for two different applications.  One is serial terminal video, the other is stereo audio from the MP3 decoder on the SuperAltair board
The PS/2 port is for a keyboard, part of terminal video.
The DB25 and DB9/HD15 ports can be used for anything.  The HD15 port can be used for terminal video.

Please note that only one DB25 connector is included in the kit.  The rest of the plugs can be purchased separately when needed.  The SuperAltair card is not ready yet.

Altair 680 replica connected to an ADM-3 (not included, look on e-bay).  It is running a very simple VTL-2 program.  A standalone terminal is NOT required to use the Altair 6800 replica.  You can use any Windows/Linux/MacOSX/etc computer with a serial terminal program, like Hyperterm.

Screen shot of the simple demo program

Screen shot of VTL-2 program, Tic Tac Toe!

Screen shot of basic running a VERY simple program.  : )

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